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A transformative change model empowers intentional leaders to bring empathy, grit, tenacity, and flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs in our community, especially in dance. 

The Inclusion Coalition’s mission is to raise awareness about different perspectives, create safe and brave spaces to elevate issues surrounding BIPOC, mental health, body positivity, LBGTQ+, feminism, disabilities, and intersectionality. Our goal is to provide a forum for conversation, education, awareness, opportunity, and mentorship where all are accepted, heard, and respected. We will use the platform to improve culture and the environment at our studio, our community, and the dance industry.

We plan to execute this mission by building a strong team, providing education, raising awareness through social media and site-specific videos. Providing opportunities, mentorship for underserved youth, evaluating our efforts, and expanding our program by providing a blueprint for other studios and communities to build their Inclusion Coalitions.