Scholarship Application & Guidelines

***Por favor, contacte a Vanessa, vía correo electrónico: , para traducción al español y asistencia en español.

AMP provides need-based scholarships on a sliding scale for families making less than $150,000 a year or facing extenuating circumstances causing financial hardships.  Scholarships are on a scale of 10%-50% support unless referred by a partner agency.


Step #1 – Submit 2020 Income Tax Summary, the previous year with proof of extension or comparable documents (address and submission info below).

Step #2 – Applicants must have an account set up with Santa Barbara Dance Arts. Applicants must enroll in desired classes for our Fall/Spring season and select the maximum payment plan possible. Scholarship awards range from 10%-50% of tuition and do not cover the Registration Fees, Costume Fees, and anything outside of tuition unless specified. Scholarships will be applied to the tuition balance OR if you decline the scholarship award. Within the appropriate stated deadline, SBDA will provide your account with a refund less the non-refundable Registration Fee of $40.

Once registered and enrolled, your dancer is a part of the SBDA program until you opt-out during SBDA Open Enrollment in November or on your Commitment Card in May. If you do not ‘opt-out, you will remain enrolled in the SBDA program. You will be invited to re-apply for a scholarship for the next season or if you choose to attend a summer camp.
Your SBDA account must have a credit card on file. If you do not have a credit card, please contact to make another payment arrangement.

Step #3 – Submit this application after the first two steps have been completed.


7/30/21: Completed Scholarship Applications Due for Review: Must have completed Google Form 2021 AMP.
8/2/21: AMP Fall Scholarship Award Notifications emailed.
8/6/21: Award Acceptance Due or award is rescinded and given to another deserving family.

Changes cannot be made to schedule after acceptance until open enrollment.
If funding is available, any applications received after 7/19/21 require a two-week turnaround. Applications will only be approved pending available funds.




  •         Applicants must have their account set up with Santa Barbara Dance Arts to be ready for enrollment.
  •         Applicant’s accounts must have a credit card on file. If you do not have access to a credit card, please contact to make another payment arrangement.
  •         It is recommended that you enroll in your class as soon as possible; however, we also understand if enrollment depends on scholarship receipt. SBDA is not able to hold places for students awaiting scholarship awards notification. Please contact Vanessa for payment plan info during your waiting period for the scholarship award notification.
  •         IMPORTANT: Please read all Santa Barbara Dance Arts and AMP policies prior to applying. Acceptance of the award acknowledges you understand and agree to comply with all policies. Read SB Dance Arts policies handbooks at
  •         Scholarship award recipients are required to attend classes both online and, in the studio, regularly. It is required to report absences to the office and with the reason. We are here to mentor and support your dancer.
  •         If you register for a class but need to withdraw because your scholarship award is insufficient, you will need to contact Vanessa and/or SBDA staff within the required time window per SBDA policies.
  •         If the withdrawal is not completed, you may be charged the full amount of the class. Per the AMP Mission statement, we are unable to apply scholarships to dropped classes.
  •         Scholarship awards will be applied toward Santa Barbara Dance Arts class tuition only. Up to 50 % of SB Dance Arts tuition is eligible for a scholarship unless referred by a partner agency.

Please submit the form and email supporting documents to Vanessa, Scholarship Liaison: with any questions: (805) 966-5299